Waterproof, shockproof and anti-magnetic, has always been the three major problems of the watch, from the last century, all brands are looking for solutions to these three issues, are now basically have been resolved, and now watch at least Have a 30-meter waterproof effect of life, each movement which is also equipped with shock absorbers, except for anti-magnetic watch is not popular, only a very small number of models with anti-magnetic effect, today we introduce our production Of the Blancpain replica watch

The Blancpain replica watch also has a magnetic function, anti-magnetic properties of up to 5000 gauss. In order to ensure anti-magnetic, case bottom plate, case ring and dial made of soft iron, the movement around the electromagnetic radiation to be transferred.

I hope that the anti-magnetic watch can be universal, because now the magnetic field is too much, mobile computers and so on around us at all times, so the magnetic needs of the urgent