Watch dial the mainstream color is black and white, but the blue dial is not a small number, especially in the last two years, the new swiss replica watches frequently used blue plate, looks a lot of high color value. Or deep, or bright, blue disc watch is unique. If you have a black and white disc visual fatigue, then a blue disc watch is also a good choice.

Replica Blue Iwc Watches watch, also known as "bright blue", with a 360-degree perspective case design, embedded in a very tough style of steel outer case, the sun-polished blue dial through Specially designed to make this watch more attractive. Outstanding performance so that it has been a warm welcome table friends. Inheritance of the classic atmosphere of the brand disk design, avant-garde Arabic numerals and the unique style of the pointer against each other, very beautiful. Steel material lug and crown, smooth lines, soft texture, and the perfect blend of watch as a whole for the watch extra points. With a dark brown calfskin strap, to add a mature watch charm.

BLue Zenith Replica EL PRIMERO Watches, "small three-pin" simple dial design style, for the wearer feel the charm of dark blue elements of space. Avant-garde central hour hand and 9-second standard seconds hand plate broke the traditional second hand 6 position, making the view is relatively convenient, 40 mm stainless steel case with a blue alligator strap, Blue, as the three primary colors in the shortest wavelength of color, with the most pure, most calm light perception. Blue represents the vast sky and the vast ocean, so it is given the image of freedom and hope. In the design of the watch dial, the blue theme appears frequently, for the dull time to add dazzling brilliance and yearning for freedom.
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