This is an extraordinary time, handed down for the MP-05 "LaFerrari" the first to fully demonstrate the culmination of the mysterious movement of the United States. The new MP-05 "LaFerrari" sapphire watch. Using sapphire carved from the transparent case and the same transparent strap, this watch brings a sense of shock is like it is just a suspension in the air movement! In terms of technology and design point of view, with up to 50 days power reserve of the movement called superior performance, all the design details are admirable .We are also specializing in the production of swiss replica watches site. We also launched, Replica Hublot MP-05 "LaFerrari" Watch.

Replica Hublot MP-05 "LaFerrari" Watch, has a complex three-dimensional structure of the sapphire transparent case provides excellent space for the movement, the movement is like suspended in a sapphire carved into the case. No matter from which point of view, the viewer will be on the movement of the structure and settings are admired. Exactly, this movement will eventually have the carving body! Sapphire case consists of seven components, all components from seven sapphire after more than 600 hours of machining from uncompromising attention to detail.

Replica Hublot MP-05 "LaFerrari" Watch, the movement extremely hard bridge even engineers engraved "HUBLOT" words, movement to create a unique display. The front-end vertical surface presents a small second display, which is indicated by a transparent column secured to the suspended tourbillon frame. The clock and minute are located on the right side of the barrel, and the power storage on the left side of the barrel is also shown through the transparent column. This watch will be "invisible visible" philosophical thinking bold integration, surprising at the same time also thought-provoking. The appearance of the "invisible" mysterious temptation, making it a highly "visible" and worth having an extraordinary masterpiece. As a complement to its superior design, MP-05 "LaFerrari" sapphire watch with a transparent silicone strap, buckle with sapphire carved.

ID: Replica Hublot MP-05 "LaFerrari" Watch
Case polishing sapphire, anti-reflective treatment
Sapphire polishing, anti-reflective treatment
Function The hours and minutes are displayed on the right side by a transparent column
The power reserve is displayed on the left side of the transparent column
Hanging vertical tourbillon
Ergonomic time setting system is located in the lower part of the case on the wrist side of the middle position
Concealed manual winding
11 series winding barrel
Waterproof 3 standard atmospheric pressure (about 30 meters underwater)
Strap clear and smooth strap
Buckle polished sapphire and micro sandblasted black titanium folding clasp
Technical details of the movement
Movement HUB9005.H1.PN.1
Movement size Ø 45.8 x 39.5 mm
Thickness of 15.30 mm
Tourbillon frame diameter Ø 14.50 mm
Number of gemstone bearings 108
Number of Parts
Frequency 21,600 times / hour (3Hz)
Power storage for 50 days, about 1200 hours

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