Almost the beginning of that year to buy that section, because of the quality of instability, his wife did not wear a two-day adult problem, first pull the crown does not come out, After all, can not be converted table quality and compared to the table, and later maintenance, the problems left before the buttoned, but did not dare to wear a loved one, And because this piece to get rid of swiss replica panerai quality problems, I was ordered not allowed to play modified watch.
I purchased the watch are Panerai, selected pam422, and then find a play watch cousin, determine the purchase intention, play wrist cousin soon to help me find the table, three days later received, and finally Save down the private money also account for out. Say play watch brother voice and its bold personality on the network contrast is too large, I do not know the other and play cousin face base of users also have the same feelings. Said down to business, and always want to take a picture of the Xianbian Xianbai of. So and I hands of two common appearance, unknowingly took two hours. Required action, a large set of photo